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Free Teaching Tools And Resources

Videos for class 6 to 12 Science

The use of animation facilitates the visualization and simplification of any complex concept. According to Dr. James L. McQuivey from Forrester Research, one minute of online video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Animated learning videos have the best visual appeal to instructional designers and lecturers. When you teach science or other challenging subjects that require more than a plain explanation to help students understand some matters, you need educational animations. Animating these images, they turn complex information into illustrations. They engage, motivate, and help students with better learning outcomes.

For reference, there are some useful links for teachers and students to watch and learn from animated videos. Click on each link to identify the best chanel for you.

To search notes for specific chapter, type ' chapter's' name askiitians' ex. Metals and Non-metals notes askiitians.

Mind Maps for class 6 to 12 Science and Math

To search mind maps for specific chapter, type ' chapter's' name mindmap' or try to find for specific topic like mind map chapter 12 evolution. To find all mind maps together chapter vise type 'Oswaal CBSE Chapter wise Mind Maps, MATHEMATICS class 10' .​

Other channels for general concepts

Digital Interactive Tools



Geometry Set
Electronic Circuit
Math Exercises
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