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The Best English Course to Help Your Kids Learn English

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

With schools closing due to COVID-19, parents are asking the same question – how do I help my child learn English at home?

We’re here to help.

As you know, noways there are many courses and programs are available to learn English. But, learning English is a continuous process, and offline it's sometimes costly and only for a limited time.

To solve this problem we created a platform for your kids where they can practice English as much as they want to learn with proper system and training.

Our Teaching Method

"Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”

We know that as a parent you are too busy with your stuff and can not spend time with your kids to teach them.

To solve your problem we created a training course- The English Hackathon. In this course we don't teach English only, we also give self-learning training to your kids so they can learn English by themselves. Once they know the system they can do practice for a lifetime.

Why should your kids need this training now?

You can’t teach children the English language the same way you would adults. When it comes to a younger learner, language learning has to be fun otherwise they'll lose interest and just give up altogether.

Children learn very quickly, especially when it comes to languages and vocabulary. However, children also lose interest in things very quickly. This is your first hurdle.

As you know, children that start to learn a foreign language at a young age are far more likely to master the language in a few years and become fairly fluent. Therefore, if you're considering teaching English to a child, you should do so as early as possible.

About The English Hackathon

Why the English Hackathon for your little ones?

Nowadays, you aren’t able to send their little ones to an academy due to a lack of these in their community, or you might even be preoccupied about your little ones not getting the best out of the classes, or about class’ activities not being as fun and engaging as you would like.

However, there’s always an alternative to this: online English classes. With these, they can learn at home in a safe environment.

Benefits of Online English Hackathon

With the rise of technology in the last decade, online classes have become more and more prominent throughout the world.

  1. Fun and engaging with digital resources like interactive PowerPoint presentations, info-graphs, mind maps, animated videos, and more.

  2. Access everywhere, anytime as its most resources available online and you will also get free resources from our side.

  3. Safe environment: going to an academy is not always easy, especially if your child is shy, or if it’s too young. Having online classes makes it easier for parents to be aware of their child’s safety.

  4. It’s cost-effective

How The English Hackathon will help your child to learn English?

The course includes storytelling, games, songs, and lots of activities to improve their English.

✅ Students will learn English digitally and practically with interactive activities.

✅ Online worksheets based practice to improve basic grammar and sentence structures.

✅ Mind-maps and Info-graphics for visual representations of information

✅ Storytelling and writing to improve their curiosity, imagination, and communication

✅ English learning app for kids so your little one can practice a bit more during the free time and More.

When and how your kid can join The English Hackathon?

We arrange it on every Saturday from 7 pm to 8 pm on the Zoom application. We give time students for doing practices, research work, preparing stories, writing tasks, and more and in the live session, they share their work under our guidance and training.

Is there any registration fee?

Yes, as we need to maintain the quality of students; we charge very nominal fee

(just ₹50/ month).

How you can register your kid for The English Hackathon?

It's online, secure, and simple. Just click here to know more.

Your kid can extra benefits by just join our TEZ community

• Attend FREE Online Weekly Students Mastermind Workshop - Every Tuesday 7 PM to 7:30 PM.

• Get the FREE educational resources.

• Be a part of the TEZ community.


Your kids need better self-learning training instead of depending on traditional courses. They deserve the right resources, methods, training, and atmosphere where they get a chance to improve themselves and The English Hackathon is perfect for them.

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